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Ima jedno Misto

ima jedno misto
sa Bračkoga juga,
kad ga jednom vidis
zaboravis druga
ima jedna 'jubav
kojom srce gori
zauvik u mom srcu
zauvik srce boli,
'jubav je Bol
sa otoka Brača
'ko ga jednom vidi
uvik mu se vraća ....

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Bol na Bracu
Bol Apartments
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petak, lipanj 6, 2008

Accommodation in Croatia

Holidays in Croatia - apartments, rooms, houses, hotels, rural holidays and so much more for your vacation on the Adriatic coast. Book your accommodation in Croatia online!

The Lighthouse heritage and its picturesque atmosphere have inspired millions of artistic interpretations, freedom and richness of photographic imagination. These light houses present on the capes and islands of Croatia, confer the rare and phenomenal assemblage of the past, present and future. These stone lights remarkable reveal the unsurpassed legends and destinies carved by the human lives which blossomed on this terrain.

Several light houses have been abandoned, over the years, due to the abysmal protection of environment and heritage, along with the emerging automation system. But, even know, the isolated landscapes, enveloped with untouched nature, rejuvenates the indelible importance of these light houses. On a lighter tone, these light houses can be the best summer holiday destinations which you could crave for. They would provide you with everything you had not experienced in your pressurised city lives, like breathtakingly beautiful envision of sun rise and sun sets, sounds of hundreds of sea gulls, wild flora and refreshing scent of the sea.

It literally signifies an oasis of serenity and peace where the stressed times and lives experience a magical halt. Here’s a deep insight into the world renowned light houses of Croatian Islands.

It’s the oldest lighthouse of the Adriatic Sea, located near the Slovenian Border. It is surrounded by numerous beaches, hotels and restaurants. Its well connected and hence, its does not demand a Herculean effort to reach this paradise. High fences, Mediterranean vegetation and parking lot are the indispensable features of this lighthouse. With available food supplies, the light house also has a four bedroom apartment. Over the years, it has evolved as an important location for wind surfing.

Veli Rat

With its establishment in 1849, this lighthouse is situated at the north-western cape of Dugi Otok island. Beautiful bays, beaches and densely cultivated pine forest surround this mansion. The mind blowing beach of Sakarun adds a whimsical charm to the vicinity. Bays of Pantera and Cuna have decent anchorage areas. The private accommodation and view of the crystal clear sea are its tempting features.

It lies on the southern side of the Istrian Peninsula. It was constructed in 1833. Its isolation, fish species and underwater landscapes have added to its charm. Diving and sports fishing are the integral crowd pulling benedictions. Though, the strong and fierce sea currents make the light house a bit unsafe for children.

This 1839 built lighthouse is situated at the Cape of Struga. Its pebble beaches, quite bays and spacious settlements have been tempting millions of international tourists. Fishing is an important tradition continuing over here, owing to the great depths of sea cliffs. Several types of crabs and fishes can be caught over here.

Rt Zub
It was built in 1872 on the Lanterna peninsula. Sandy and rocky beaches, surrounding the beautiful bays are one of the inviting attractions of this light house. Tennis fields, sport centres, banks, malls, post office, in fact, every necessity has been established near this light house. The light house still remains to be a purely exclusive abode.

Thus, these light houses are true paradises, which endow a peaceful life, away from the over crowded and hectic urban lifestyles. It’s a must stop destination for nature aficionados.

Find your own lighthouse and have a great holiday!

Choose a lighthouse in the vicinity of tourist centers or a lighthouse in the open sea - your own "paradise" far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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